Places to dine in Birmingham for Vegan Christmas Meals

Whilst looking for places to go for a Christmas meal with friends in Birmingham, I came across a variety of places that do vegan options. So I thought I would share those places with you, so you don't have to go through the hassle of looking for them like I did. I've only included places that can offer you 3 courses. Also, hi! I know it's been a while, I've been a lazy shit, but I have been sharing my vegan eats over on IG.

My Vegan Skincare Picks of 2020

Vegan Skincare Picks 2020

Changing to a vegan lifestyle isn't just about changing the food you eat. There's so much more to it, like skincare. Since changing to a vegan lifestyle I have adapted my skincare to help my dry and dehydrated skin with vegan products. Here are a few that I found this year and a few I found previously that I just had to share with you:

Vegan Croissant Showdown

With the influx of vegan croissants that are readily available, I thought it was only right to try out all of those that I could find and compare. I picked one up from Costa, Pret, Caffe Nero and 200 Degrees. I also noted how the coffee shops served and stored the croissants. So here goes...

Banana Tree

For my mum's birthday this year, we ventured to London. We had an awesome food filled sightseeing day. That ended at Banana Tree in Soho. I went to the eatery earlier this year, when they held an event to launch their vegan menu. Back then I even said I had my eye on a few of their dishes and now I was able to try them out.

Flight Club

Howdy folks! It's me again, reporting on the vegan options in Birmingham. Today, it's about Flight Club and their Brunch Social. It takes places on every weekend, has two sittings, either 12pm - 2pm or 2.30pm - 4.30pm and is priced from £25 - £30. This includes 2 hours of endless pizza, a Social Darts sampler and a maximum of one bottle of Prosecco per person. If you don't fancy alcohol, they offer a mocktail alternative like the one in my hand. That's the Peach Iced Tea and bloody hell, it's good!

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