Popping My Blog Virginity

As you can guess by the title, this is my first time so please be gentle lol.

So a quick catch up on me, I'm 21, British but from Pakistani and Ugandan descent, student, single, live in Birmingham but at uni in Bristol.

I'm currently going into my 3rd year.
Sucks to think uni will be over soon.

I have a crazy nutcase of a flatmate, Miss DOLAPO!!!
Alongside my mum, she's my rock. I think I would have gone insane without her.

Then there's my crazy friends from Brum.
These guys are amazingly cool!
I would not survive without these guys either.
They make me laugh until I cry.

I'm in Birmingham at the mo and trying to find a job. Man it's stressful!
I don't understand why they make it so hard. Jeez.
I'm willing to work and work hard too!
Then they wonder why people resort to illegal things.

A piece of advice, NEVER EVER go for a sales job!
Waste of time and it's for people who have no qualifications and no motive in life.
Just awful!
I'l save my story for another time.

On the music front - 
I can't stop listening to Drakes album right now.
Especially loving the tracks Fireworks, Fancy and Up All Night.
If you haven't heard it, get on it NOW!
Oh and check out his documentary too. 
I'm officially in love with this man!

Nothing else excites me as much as him.

Thought Glasto was dull for once.

Anyhu, that's enough babbling for now.

Until next time!



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  1. I LOVE THE FACT THAT I WAS MENTIONED- FEEL KINDA FAMOUS looooool i wanna blog now...what should i write bout tho


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