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So I was mooching around Boots before work and saw the make-up range of Models Own. Wow. Kinda reminded me of American Apparel but the make up range. Its simple and has unique colours. I kinda fell in love. I shall be making a stop there once I get my next pay-check. (My make-up savvy cousin, you need to get on this like Sonic, u mushy cow.)

Heres a link for some ppl that want to check it out https://www.modelsownit.com/

I shall have pics for this soonage.

Chris is back BABY!!!


My Top 5 Goosebump inducing

Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (I'm Ready)
'Why wait for eventually?'

I do like Miss Minaj

Loving this. I WANT to be this chick!!!

Drake being a funny idiot LOL!


So a couple of days ago, I was invited to a second interview by a Promotions company in Birmingham City Centre.

Little did I know that it was a door-to-door sales job!

I found out this when I was in the car and driving on the motorway.

I couldn't escape or RUN!

So there I was, following this chick who was thicker then a plank. As she knocked on doors and shamelessly flirted to get people to sign up to the British Red Cross.

Drake - Up All Night ft. Nicki Minaj (Thank Me Later)


Drake: Better Than Good Enough

Part 1

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