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So I was mooching around Boots before work and saw the make-up range of Models Own. Wow. Kinda reminded me of American Apparel but the make up range. Its simple and has unique colours. I kinda fell in love. I shall be making a stop there once I get my next pay-check. (My make-up savvy cousin, you need to get on this like Sonic, u mushy cow.)

Heres a link for some ppl that want to check it out https://www.modelsownit.com/

I shall have pics for this soonage.

Also as you guessed I have a JOB!! Woo hoo. Its just as a temp at Next for now. Although it seems that everyone is getting a contract but me. Oh well. They look at me like im some stupid person who cant think or do anything. Its retail honey! And breathe lol.

It seems the whole world and its oyster has a boyfriend or girlfriend. And it starting to fuck me right off. I don't particularly want a boyfriend (A rapper to cuddle with would be nice, Drake preferably), nor do I feel the need for one but its like smoking. Mass consumption of a product. Im not one to follow the bandwagon but this is getting ridiculous. Even people that you would think it would be impossible to find one but they do (settling but one none the less). One of my friends recently reverted and is back in a relationship. Another has just started one. One has a person of interest in her life. Two have steady boyfriends. Who am I gonna be a bitter cynic with now?! Theres always one friend for that but she has an amazing jet-setting life right now so I hardly get to see her. So as my friends leave behind the talk of 'men being dogs' and replace it with how much they love their boyfriends, im left in the same place, space and time. Single and happy (although this post proves otherwise). So I have these options, replace my friends (NO) or change my outlook (NO) or better still find myself a boyfriend (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO). What to do?! Hmmmmm...

Rant over.

I've been working hard recently so tomorrow I shall be playing hard.

Watch out Brum, Im back.

Toodles to you bitches.


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