So a couple of days ago, I was invited to a second interview by a Promotions company in Birmingham City Centre.

Little did I know that it was a door-to-door sales job!

I found out this when I was in the car and driving on the motorway.

I couldn't escape or RUN!

So there I was, following this chick who was thicker then a plank. As she knocked on doors and shamelessly flirted to get people to sign up to the British Red Cross.

The job appeared so demeaning and made me feel and realise how much of a snob I actually am (I blame my mother).

So I asked my saviour, Miss Dolapo, what the fuck I should do?!

She gave the best advice, she said pretend your going to the bathroom and don't come back.
I was stuck in the middle of nowhere, with hardly any money so I was a little reluctant.

But I pretended to go to find a bathroom, Miss Thick tells me I can go to someones house bathroom. I was like HELL TO THE NO!!! Thats just nasty! Sorry.

So I asked this dude in a Spar nearby how I get out of the hellhole that is Bromsgrove (eurk).
He was like get the bus and its like 4 quid. I was hmmmm...

So I go back to Miss Thick and shes like do you wanna leave cause you don't look interested (you think?!) and I don't think your cut out for this. I wanted to laugh at her. Damn right im not cut out for this! I have qualifications and career im fighting to achieve. That job looked like my version of hell. So she asked someone how I get out. I wished them a good day (I'm polite) and left! I felt liberated when I got on the bus and felt like singing hallelujah! As you can imagine, I didn't look back! Jeez, some people are so deluded.

Overall, don't apply for sales jobs when you don't know how the pay works or what the job entails. They are SOOOOOOOOOOO sly!

But things are on the up, I had a interview yesterday. I don't wanna jinx it but I think I would be good at it and would enjoy it. So fingers crossed.

Thats enough about my job experiences so far.

Bye peeps.


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