There are two posts that I didn't add to the last post...

That I think are most definitely worth a mention.

The first

The song is brilliant. Lyrics are you had me, you lost me, Fuck off Wanker!!!
Obviously put in a more JLO light kind of way.

Bitter Angry Conceited Chicks

After listening to Teyana Taylor's version of Marvin's Room, Her Room, I realised that tracks that are bitter, arrogant and angry towards men will always be liked by me.

Amazing time in Bristol

Over the weekend I went to two of my friends 21st and 25th Bday party.


Everyone looked amazing in their dresses or suits (it was blacktie).

It was good music, good food, good people and a lot of good times.

Guys are wankers

So im walking down the road to get home and this car parks outside a house. The guy gets out of the car and starts to get my attention by saying Hi, Hiya and various other greetings to this effect. I continue to ignore him. My name isn't Hi or Hiya and I don't give attention to random fools. I think he got a little disappointed and then said you could just say Hi. But if I had said Hi then that would start a conversation and had given him more attention then he deserves. I don't know you so why am I gonna talk to you?!

This reminded me of the track that I heard recently by Katy B, called Easy Please Me.

Another day, another awards show. The 2011 CMT Music Awards.

Would have worked better if the top wasn't so sheer. Want her hair and skirt.

Spike TV's 5th Annual Awards 2011

Firstly, the sexy Rosie Huntington-Whitely
Sexy sexy sexy but her hair should have been bigger and have more Bridget Bardot sexiness but overall look is sleek and sexy.
I want the bracelet that she is wearing on her left arm.

Oh Kim

Miss Kardashian at her fragrance launch at Debanhams

Glamour Women of the Year 2011

Starting with Miss Stewart.
One word: Terrible.

CFDA Fashion Awards 2011 - The Outfits Overlook

Miss Gaga
Just when you think this lady will calm down or run out of ideas, she again pulls out a weird but wonderful creation. This definitely did not disappoint.

Fashion at the MTV Movie Awards 2011

Emma Stone

My Top 5 of the Week.


Uni's over.

So now I just have to decide what I wanna do for the rest of my life.

NO pressure then. :S

My picks of the week.


I've completed all my essays and now its revision time.

I seemed to have found solace in listening to Alanis.

I like it when I haven't listened to an album in a while, but yet, know alllllllllllll the words.

Its just the Jagged Little Pill album and Im especially loving Head over Feet and You Oughta Know.

Oh and Hands clean and You learn. Thats it. :D

Its just a brilliant album. I love her bitter satirical lyrics and the way she seems to slip in a swear word now and again. Her voice is lovely. 90s Alanis is amazeballs.

Canadians are very similar to British people, especially when it comes to sense of humour. I know thats quite a random segway but thats just the way I am. Well she is Canadian and funny and bitter and bitch and too goddamn awesome. Ive never seen all her videos before, except the infamous ironic one, and they are cleverly done. I especially like the one for Hands Clean. Check it out.

Now back to my amazeballs life of revising. YAY!!!!

Bye bye.


Naturally, even without heels. :D

I thought I had done really appalling in an essay, as it was an all nighter, But it was actually quite good! Faith restored. On to the next one!

I love this man, I don't care.

Me, Me, Me...

I think all these essays are making me a little insane.

I am having pure girl issues with my wardrobe, everything doesn't fit me anymore. Everything's too Big. I mean theres loose fit and then theres pure just toooooo big. I cannot win. I didn't intend to lose weight, it just happened. I now look like a pure clothes horse. My friends now think i am too skinny and i agree but i am healthy and i eat whatever i want, so i dunno what happened.

Song of the Day

Karmic Retribution: True or False?

A recent discussion with a friend made me wonder, to what extent is karma true.

When you act like a Bitch or a general Wanker, but for a plausible reason, does karma still occur?

Some people will walk all over you and are you supposed to allow them to do so, just so you can get some good luck somewhere further down the line. I dunno.

Timings wrong.

It probably wasn't the best time to start blogging again, as I am writing an assignment a week for the next 4 weeks.

So, be grateful when I do post and I shall be giving you more attention in about two months.

When im bored, pissed at life and feeling morose.


It isn't that hard!

I have realised that I am a puncuation snob.

It physically hurts me when people cannot get it right.

I think I would be a brilliant proof reader or editor.

I always find faults in mags, newspapers and books.


My English degree was a good choice it seems lol.

Enough of my ramblings.

Bye x


My top 5 of the week.

I love this song, it has become somewhat a obsession; the one I have to listen to EVERYDAY!

Hi again

Sorry I have been incognito for so long,

I got tempted by the other blogging world (tumblr -

Was reading through old posts and realized how much I miss blogging on here.

Will do a post soon.


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