Me, Me, Me...

I think all these essays are making me a little insane.

I am having pure girl issues with my wardrobe, everything doesn't fit me anymore. Everything's too Big. I mean theres loose fit and then theres pure just toooooo big. I cannot win. I didn't intend to lose weight, it just happened. I now look like a pure clothes horse. My friends now think i am too skinny and i agree but i am healthy and i eat whatever i want, so i dunno what happened.
I can't believe that uni is nearly over for me. I feel like these past three years have been the most fun, interesting, exciting and depressing years of my life. I've got a million memories, good and bad. Im so glad I came. I met some of the most important people in my life, I can't even imagine living without them now (they know who they are). I learnt that some people or so called friends had no value in my life but were in fact passing through my life. Which isn't a bad thing either, as you learn alot about yourself from these people, so im very thankful for them. It isn't a bad thing sometimes, they just don't fit. Things have really changed over these uni years, i have most definitely changed. I know myself alot better. I know its a cliche but its true, uni is self discovery. I did things I thought I would never do and had a lot of fun. I was told i was quite uptight, once upon a time, i don't believe i am anymore.

I know have two persona's, Ive been told, one is normal Tasha and the other is Bitch Tasha. Its probably because at times I tend to have no filter and will express my mind, thus being a Bitch and I really don't care anymore. Im genuine and apparently this is wrong. Go figure! So Ive named Bitch Tasha, Mimbaso. LOL.

Don't you hate it when you email someone and they don't reply you straight away?! Pisses me off. Im very good at responding, so I expect the same from everyone. So much to ask?!

Im currently obsessed with the song below.

Its seriously addictive and I love Rihanna as Slash (she still looks like a hottie, even as Slash).

On a music note, im just into anything right now, a little R&B (my flatmate's influence), Rock, Emo, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop etc. It just has to be good really, to me anyway.

Anyways until next time...

Ooooh baby im a ROCKSTAR!


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