Karmic Retribution: True or False?

A recent discussion with a friend made me wonder, to what extent is karma true.

When you act like a Bitch or a general Wanker, but for a plausible reason, does karma still occur?

Some people will walk all over you and are you supposed to allow them to do so, just so you can get some good luck somewhere further down the line. I dunno.

Being fake is awful, sometimes necessary but always hated.

Of course with something such as karma, there is no such thing as a absolute answer; Instead a million more questions.

Is it a fallacy that we believe in to excuse certain behavior?

Why do bad things happen to good people then?

Im supposed to believe that they did one thing wrong and now they must be punished, how is that fair?

So what do you do?

Thoughts on a postcard.


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