I've completed all my essays and now its revision time.

I seemed to have found solace in listening to Alanis.

I like it when I haven't listened to an album in a while, but yet, know alllllllllllll the words.

Its just the Jagged Little Pill album and Im especially loving Head over Feet and You Oughta Know.

Oh and Hands clean and You learn. Thats it. :D

Its just a brilliant album. I love her bitter satirical lyrics and the way she seems to slip in a swear word now and again. Her voice is lovely. 90s Alanis is amazeballs.

Canadians are very similar to British people, especially when it comes to sense of humour. I know thats quite a random segway but thats just the way I am. Well she is Canadian and funny and bitter and bitch and too goddamn awesome. Ive never seen all her videos before, except the infamous ironic one, and they are cleverly done. I especially like the one for Hands Clean. Check it out.

Now back to my amazeballs life of revising. YAY!!!!

Bye bye.


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