Bitter Angry Conceited Chicks

After listening to Teyana Taylor's version of Marvin's Room, Her Room, I realised that tracks that are bitter, arrogant and angry towards men will always be liked by me.

Amazing time in Bristol

Over the weekend I went to two of my friends 21st and 25th Bday party.


Everyone looked amazing in their dresses or suits (it was blacktie).

It was good music, good food, good people and a lot of good times.

Guys are wankers

So im walking down the road to get home and this car parks outside a house. The guy gets out of the car and starts to get my attention by saying Hi, Hiya and various other greetings to this effect. I continue to ignore him. My name isn't Hi or Hiya and I don't give attention to random fools. I think he got a little disappointed and then said you could just say Hi. But if I had said Hi then that would start a conversation and had given him more attention then he deserves. I don't know you so why am I gonna talk to you?!

This reminded me of the track that I heard recently by Katy B, called Easy Please Me.

Another day, another awards show. The 2011 CMT Music Awards.

Would have worked better if the top wasn't so sheer. Want her hair and skirt.

Spike TV's 5th Annual Awards 2011

Firstly, the sexy Rosie Huntington-Whitely
Sexy sexy sexy but her hair should have been bigger and have more Bridget Bardot sexiness but overall look is sleek and sexy.
I want the bracelet that she is wearing on her left arm.

Oh Kim

Miss Kardashian at her fragrance launch at Debanhams

Glamour Women of the Year 2011

Starting with Miss Stewart.
One word: Terrible.

CFDA Fashion Awards 2011 - The Outfits Overlook

Miss Gaga
Just when you think this lady will calm down or run out of ideas, she again pulls out a weird but wonderful creation. This definitely did not disappoint.

Fashion at the MTV Movie Awards 2011

Emma Stone

My Top 5 of the Week.

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