CFDA Fashion Awards 2011 - The Outfits Overlook

Miss Gaga
Just when you think this lady will calm down or run out of ideas, she again pulls out a weird but wonderful creation. This definitely did not disappoint.

Controversial, flashy, weird, out there describe this sheer body suit and spiked thong Thierry Mugler ensemble but that's Gaga and that's why I love her. She always surprises you. Long may this continue. 

Now onto the normal looking earthlings.
Now this beautiful earthling, Miranda Kerr, is in a Michael Kors black cutout dress that looks STUNNING. The makeup, hair, bag and shoes compliment the space theme that she has going on.
Just beautiful.

I love red and those shoes are adorable.
I want!!!!!!

The looks been done but still love the colour, especially on her skintone.

She looks like a stunning swan.
Whitney Port
Love her hair and makeup. The fitting of the dress is good but don't like the detail on it.

I would wear this. Love the colour and that its a jumpsuit but not sure of the shoes.


WORST (No descriptions needed)
(The hair spoils it)
Wah wah wah
Trashy but she tried. (Dry knees!!!)


Tin foil

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