Guys are wankers

So im walking down the road to get home and this car parks outside a house. The guy gets out of the car and starts to get my attention by saying Hi, Hiya and various other greetings to this effect. I continue to ignore him. My name isn't Hi or Hiya and I don't give attention to random fools. I think he got a little disappointed and then said you could just say Hi. But if I had said Hi then that would start a conversation and had given him more attention then he deserves. I don't know you so why am I gonna talk to you?!

This reminded me of the track that I heard recently by Katy B, called Easy Please Me.

Her lyrics explore how the male specie 'is not on a level', how they always use cheesy lines and how Miss B is sick of them. Yeah about a billion woman agree with you, including me! Going back to Mr Hi, how can he think that a girl will respond to being hollared at?! Do I look easy?! How do you think a girl like me will even look at you, let alone respond to you?! UGH!

All my friends have to deal with this constantly. Sometimes its nice to get some attention but not from fugly idiotic guys who think you are easy enough to get into a car with them or start talking to them randomly.

Even when me and my friends look like death, we get attention. You can't win. Im gonna go around with a sack/bag on my head. I won't get any attention right?

So advice to guys, unless you are hotness personified, do not hollar at a chick from a car, do not use cheesy lines and do not think we do not know what your thinking. To the exception of this rule, come find me!!!! LOL.

Girls are humans. Do not treat like dogs.


*rant over*



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