There are two posts that I didn't add to the last post...

That I think are most definitely worth a mention.

The first

The song is brilliant. Lyrics are you had me, you lost me, Fuck off Wanker!!!
Obviously put in a more JLO light kind of way.

Next Jlo looks ab-sol-ut-ly STUNNING in this video. That purple top had me watching this video constantly when it was new.

Then there's Ja Rule. This was in his hay-day. When he was a name and was on nearly everything. His and Jennifer's chemistry makes the video intriguing. I feel sorry for Ja's wife. You can't complete with Miss Jenny from the Block.

'Hope you realize that now I'm through and I don't ever wanna hear from you. I've had enough of bein there for you. Now I'm laughin while you play the fool'

The second
This song is also brilliant.

You may recognise her from the original line-up of Destiny's Child.
Well now shes more glamorous and the lucky girl has Ludacris on her arm.

The track has the same sort of format as the latter, well really similar actually. Glamorous chick with a rapper on the track. However this seems really luxurious, even more so then Jennifer's. Plus you can't help but love Ludacris in this, any girl that doesn't wanna be her is just plain weird.

'You left the best you had, Baby don't look so mad'

The End

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