Video Picks of the Moment & Some Not-of-the-moment

In celebration of me finding out that The Weeknd finally has a video, which he is actually in, made me very excited and I thought I would share the other videos that I'm liking at the moment. Because god knows, you can have a shit song but the video can make up for it ten fold.

The Weeknd - Wicked Games
I heard the track about a year ago and only now has it got a video. The video is a little disappointing but seems to fit the artists minimalist hipster style. He's finally been signed so I can't wait to see him live and see what else he comes out with. He's promised he won't lose his edge but the money normally kills the artistic edge that most musicians start with (for example Eminem).

Guilty Pleasures

So I have become addicted to playing SongPop on Facebook. Whilst playing this game, I came across so many guilty pleasures that I love. So watch out because I'm about to share some that I came across and some others that are my own personal guilty pleasures. My definition of a guilty pleasure is a track that you love to listen to, that you know isn't the coolest or the best track in the world but you love it all the same for a memory it holds or just plain comedic value.

Take That - Back For Good (Gary, you lyrical genius)

New new new...

Every time I do a post on here, I promise myself that im going to constantly post but as you can tell, I didn't stick to that. So im not promising anything this time, but I will get past my blog post laziness.

Anyways, enough of that.

Style Icons

Hi all (If anyone's reading this)!

As per usual I have neglected you guys.

There have been some developments in my life.

I currently am unemployed and I have to say it is annoyingly depressing and boring.

Well, well, well, award season has begun.

Its 2012, its a new year and you know what that means - AWARDS!!!

More importantly, it means amazing dresses that I will drool and puke over.

First of all starting with the most recent award show - The Screen Actors Guild Awards aka SAG Awards.

My Favourite of the night was Emily Blunt (who was actually there as John Krasinski's plus one).

What's up Doc?

Hi guys (whoever is reading, if anyone is),

Sorry for neglecting you, can't believe its been so long since I last blogged.
It was summer, now its winter. You do the math.

Anyways alot has changed and some-things haven't changed at all.

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