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Hi all (If anyone's reading this)!

As per usual I have neglected you guys.

There have been some developments in my life.

I currently am unemployed and I have to say it is annoyingly depressing and boring.

Im used to being busy, so this sucks.

But I want to do something I love/like at least.

So im looking in fashion/music/general pr or a Learning Support Assistant and anything that is media related or that just uses my degree.

If you live in Birmingham, you know how hard this is to find so I most definitely will be moving to London at some point in the future. Hopefully later this year, obviously money willing.

Over the past couple of months, I've come across some amazing looks by some celebs.

My stand out glamorous star has to be Kelly Osbourne.

The picture on the left is at the Grammy Awards 2012 and the Peoples Choice Awards 2012 on the right.
Kelly is able to do glamorous rock chick with a twist. Whether that's her hair or a slight detail on her dress, she always looks amazing.

The up and coming fashionista has to be Amber Heard.
Only known since she starred in The Rum Diaries with Johnny Depp, last year. Shes been evolving and now has a sexy Marilyn Monroe-esque beauty to her. Most definitely someone to watch because she can wear just about anything and still look beautiful.

Now its forever Diva-licious Jennifer Lopez.

Sexy elegance and glowing skin is what Jennifer Lopez is known for and considering how old she is, she looks fantastic. Better then some 20 year old's. Long may she reign!!!

Lastly I have two of the most quirky hipster and innovative chicks at the moment. Cassie and Rihanna.
Both are sexy young woman but the way they dress is unlike anyone else, even each other.

Cassie has a flagging music career but is mostly known for her fashion sense and her intimate relationship with P Diddy. Wherever she is getting the money to fund her fashion addiction, please allow it to keep rolling in because its good to see someone in the public eye that has different approach to fashion.

The hair chameleon that is Rihanna is someone that seems to be two different people. In an evening event like the Grammy's, she looks beautiful and unstated, whereas in the daytime, she is trashy and chic. I like how she keeps changing, its refreshing and obviously to go with each new track or album she brings out.

Lastly the two woman who just ooze rock and roll sexiness has to be Kat Von D and Dita Von Teese.

With her own clothing line, make-up range and tattoo shop, she has quite the little empire of creative businesses. Shes beautiful, tattooed and is so beautiful that I most definitely have a girl crush on her.

Dita Von Teese, the burlesque and former wife of Marilyn Manson. She's beautiful with her porcelain skin, tattooed beauty spot, rouge lips and tamed hair. She has a rock and roll vibe to her, yet she carries herself in a 50s sense of respectability and sexuality, the hardest thing you can do. Just Wow.

So that's it people. I reckon my style is a mixture of these women or at least it tries to be anyway. I don't have their budget but fashion is all about innovation and creation.

Bye bye people. xx

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