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Every time I do a post on here, I promise myself that im going to constantly post but as you can tell, I didn't stick to that. So im not promising anything this time, but I will get past my blog post laziness.

Anyways, enough of that.

So what's going on with my life?!

Well, I have a job at my old college as a Learning Support Assistant but as its the holidays, I've been working at my casual job at the train station. Its tiring, hard but rewarding at times. But neither of these jobs are my dream job. I want to live in London and get a step onto the media step ladder to eventually get a career in Events or something relating to music. I keep seeing jobs being advertised that are asking for experience but how can I get experience when no one gives me that chance?!

Well that's my career right now.

Next week I plan on going to Notting Hill Carnival with my Best Friend so that's gonna be a lot of fun and like a mini holiday for me. I have been so boring lately, it will be good to soar my wild young single oats (I think that the saying). So I will try to keep you posted on that.

I plan on changing my hair drastically soon, not in length but in colour so watch this space.

Music wise, I haven't heard anything that I will be bragging about. I saw Odd Future earlier this year and was so disappointed by their mediocre performance. It was just a churning out of their album. Just terrible. Of course Frank Ocean is like the IT thing right now. Because of a friend of mine, I've been listening to him for about a year. So there, SUCKERS!! Yeah he is definitely talented. As is The Weeknd, I need to see him live, actually if we are wishing then I wanna see them both. Also a Justin Timberlake album would be great.

I saw some old college friends yesterday and it was the best night I have had in a while.

Some pics to show our cliche good time in Birmingham.

Anyways that's it for now.

Bye all.


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