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In celebration of me finding out that The Weeknd finally has a video, which he is actually in, made me very excited and I thought I would share the other videos that I'm liking at the moment. Because god knows, you can have a shit song but the video can make up for it ten fold.

The Weeknd - Wicked Games
I heard the track about a year ago and only now has it got a video. The video is a little disappointing but seems to fit the artists minimalist hipster style. He's finally been signed so I can't wait to see him live and see what else he comes out with. He's promised he won't lose his edge but the money normally kills the artistic edge that most musicians start with (for example Eminem).

Rihanna's performance at the VMAs featuring A$AP Rocky.
Rihanna performed Cockiness and We Found Love. I loved this performance. A$AP (just like any man would) groped Rihanna and she seemed quite surprised. I quite like his cockiness and he is definitely the new hot young rapper. Plus he's pretty damn good-looking too, which never hurts. Also he is rumoured to be dating Iggy Azalea. Back to Rihanna, the performance was high energy and as always Riri looked fantastic.

Rihanna ft Justin Timberlake - Rehab
To mourn the loss of my childhood crush (Justin got married a couple days ago). I know I sound like a hysterical crazy fan but I've loved this man since I was 10. Since the days of his bleach blonde curls and 'Tearing Out My Heart'-N'Sync days. It doesn't hurt that Rihanna is in the video as well. Justin in a biker jacket and a Harley, the man is trying to kill me putting that combo together.
'The only problem is that you were using me in a different way that I was using you...'

J.Cole ft Trey Songz - Can't Get Enough
I love the track, the holiday sunshine feel and of course Trey Songz, J.Cole and a little appearance from Rihanna tops it off. This is in her Sideshow Bob phase, im referring to her hair. Trey Songz is so playful in the video. Simple and to the point.

Usher and Alicia Keys - My Boo
I like both the artists and the song. There were vast rumours after this video about these two having a little romance and I can see why. Their chemistry is undeniable. I also love her outfit and her earrings remind me when huge Indian inspired earrings were the trend. I have mine somewhere.

Gangnam style seems to be taking over the world. Here is the man himself teaching Britney Spears and Ellen Degeneres how to do the dance. I love how quickly Britney gets the hang of the dance. Shes still got it.

Stooshe - Black Heart
I love these three chicks. Their sense of style, attitude, tattoos, that they are genuinely good singers and the track just cut straights into your heart. Also the video and dance moves are reminiscent of The Supremes, how can you not love that.

Katy Perry - Wide Awake
I can honestly say that I liked Katy Perry ever since the Ur So Gay days and this video and track don't disappoint. Lyrics that consist of how it feels when a relationship goes sour and you land off of cloud 9. She captures the pain, heartache and waste of time you feel when its over. Her hair is beautiful. The Shining, horror and fairytale references work really well to show this parallel universe or dreamlike state being shattered. I like this alot and it gives me a slight chill (I have no idea why).

Pussycat Dolls - Buttons
This video caused such a stir whilst I was at college, Nicole is just so goddamn sexy and it is one of those videos you can't not watch the whole thing. I remember getting all black outfits after this video, eventhough I didn't have Nicole's physique. And once being compared to her made my day but all we had in common at the time was long black hair.

TLC - No Scrubs
This is a classic and is played everytime I have been out. Every chick and some guys sing along. Everyone knows a scrub, I know I do. But this song captures waste of space men like no other. There was alternate version of this for men called No Pigeons. I'm not gonna give a link for that because well... its pretty shit.

Aggro - Free Yard
Back when Channel U was the biggest thing for new up and coming music (even the shit stuff), I used to see this all the time. Even though its the worst song ever, the video is such a parody of itself that it makes it funny to watch, aka so bad, its good. And considering the rapper/singer/shit is currently fighting rape claims pretty much says it all.

Stacie Orrico - Stuck
I had the skinny long scarf, the turquoise eye-liner and ripped jeans, basically I wanted to be her. Yes, I was sad but I don't give a fuck. The guy in the video was the object of my desire at the time as well. At a time when Christina Aguilera had gone Dirty, Busted were the IT boyband and Joe Budden was telling you to Pump it Up, I was obsessed with this. The artist was gone back to living under a rock and didn't release anything as good as this.

P!nk - Stupid Girls
P!nk is one of those artists that I would love to go on a night out with, she seems crazy, funny and just damn right bad ass. The video criticises girls who care more about their looks and being in a 50 Cent video then being smart and being the next female president. The best part is P!nk ridiculing Jessica Simpson. The message to young girls, get an education and stop caring what you look like!

So that's it. I can't think of anymore. Brain FREEZE!!!

Also check out my friends blog here, where she has done something similar. 

Toodles. xx

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