Hair 2013

So its 2013 and either you have got your new fresh style or are thinking what to do next.

Now if you don't know what this is then, you came to the right place. The main person who has been rocking this trend is Kelly Osbourne but most recently Perrie Edwards from Little Mix has adapted this trend for herself. Now as much as I like this look, it seems to be outdated for 2013, except for Kelly Osbourne, as she has pretty much pioneered this look.

I much prefer this on Kelly O then on Perrie, the shade she has chosen seems to look quite harsh against her skin tone, whereas Kelly seems to pull this colour off in a pretty but different manner.

I think the grey hair look is so much more sexy and eye catching. Anyone with grey hair naturally must be looking at this trend and be thinking, why would you wanna do that on purpose?! But just look at the picture, just beautiful. However just like the Balavender look, this is also done. So what is everyone going to do?! What should I try?!

I think if you want a eye catching and in-your-face colour, you can't go wrong with pink or red.

I have personally had pink in my hair. It was paneled into my hair so depending on my parting, I could choose how dramatic or subtle I wanted it to look. I miss this look alot but it  takes alot of maintenance as you have to constantly has it touched up. But if you don't mind the expense and time of that, then I would highly recommend it.

My mother and my friend, Charlie, are lovers of the red shade (Charlie is a brunette convert. Traitor). Just like any other hair colour, you can choose the intensity. Two versions of the shade are shown below. Vibrant Red or a subtle burgundy red, as shown by Rihanna.

Shaving the side of your head and ombre are trends that you should avoid this year, unless you can put a new spin on it. Which have probably all been tried by now.

I've changed alot from my pink haired days and now have dirty/honey blonde highlights on my long dark brown hair. My hair is more suited to the summer months so for these cold and dark nights, I like dark chocolate hair, the kind of hair that shines but looks warm against the cold weather. 

It seems fringes (or bangs if your American) are also going to be big news this year.
If I was going to do a fringe, I would get a Bettie Page fringe, like this
Its just so edgy but feminine.
Loads of stars like Beyonce, Nicole Scherzinger, Katy Perry and even Christina Aguilera have done this fringe and I have to say it looks different on all of them. And the good thing is you can start to change it to a full fringe, blunt fringe and even a side fringe as it grows.

If you wanna get a really big change, I would go for the elfish look, a la Anne Hathaway

Simple, sexy and with the right make-up, it can also be very feminine.
I love my long hair too much to have such short hair and have spent two years to get it extension worthy length. So its a no go for me. If you are gonna go for this look, make sure it is adapted to your face shape and facial hair is sorted to get the most out of this pretty cut. Just be careful of looking like a boy from behind.

My Hair Icons

Kim Kardashian


Eva Mendes


Gisele Bundhen

Brigitte Bardot

Thats it. Whose your icon?

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