Man Down Festival 2013 - 14 April 2013

So I was lucky enough to be able to go to a mini festival in a nice pub on the side of the canal, called The Flapper.

The whole concept around the mini festival was centred around women and well, what's not to celebrate?!

The venue was dark, mysterious, rustic and perfect for a little live music.

Although I missed a couple of the first acts and some of the last (it was a Sunday), I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was unpretentious, relaxed and full of music lovers, which in my opinion is the best crowd there is.

I saw two bands Rose Redd and Snooty Bobs.

Rose Redd reminded me of Kate Nash but with electro red hair and a powerful rock voice. I have to say, I became a fan and will definitely be following her career (via Facebook of course). Her last song, Useless, was full of the angst, bitterness and sadness that I love from all female musicians (they do it best). Her lyrics were well thought through and I hope this chick does well. It always surprises me when I hear a beautiful voice and then when the person relaxes or just starts to talk, a thick accent arises; its a really funny juxtaposition for me but one that I enjoy. I mean the one person who I find this with the most has to be Adele and its one of the things that I like her for. Also one that I like Rose Redd for.

The second band, Snooty Bobs, were a mixture of punk, folk, ska, jazz, a little blues and a pinch of rap; which make a gorgeous concoction that is a feast to the ears. I personally liked their cover of The White Stripes' 'Salvation Army'. The lead singer is a lady from the Black Country, who has quite the dry sense of humour, always a good thing in my opinion.

Overall I really enjoyed going and thank the girls in charge for the opportunity.

Until the next time.


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