The Stages of a Relationship in Song

I believe that music is the best healer and the songs we relate to are the ones that speak to us most at the time. With the amount of music there is about Love, I think there will be a track that relates to each stage and here's my run down.

(Disclaimer -- This is my version of a relationship and will most likely not match everyone's but if there are more or different tracks you would have done then leave a comment with your opinions)

First Stage -- The 'I like him and he doesn't know it yet' stage

Second Stage -- The 'He likes me back and we talk a lot' stage

Alternative -- The 'He's a bastard and couldn't see im the most awesome chick EVER' stage

Third Stage - The 'You can't stop thinking about him and you think it has a future' stage

Fourth Stage - The 'He's my boyfriend and this feels so good, dreamlike' stage

Fifth Stage - The 'Im addicted to him' stage

Alternative - The 'Im addicted but he's trouble stage'

Sixth Stage - The 'Cracks are starting to appear and he's not as perfect as I thought' stage

Seventh Stage - The 'We broke up but I want him back'

Eighth Stage - The 'We broke up, I still like him but sometimes it doesn't work' stage

Final Stage - The 'I miss him and it's driving me crazy' stage

And that's it.

Did I leave a stage out or could you think of a better track?

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