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I haven't seen the award show yet but Instagram and The Daily Mail website has kept me abreast on all the fashion and crazy antics. But I cannot wait, especially to see the N*Sync performance. Also Miley Cyrus seems to have impressed no one with her twerking all over Robin Thicke, as you can see.

The best part was the reactions of the celebrities.

Rihanna, One Direction and the Smith family, some looking in disgust and some in general blank expressions.

As I said, no one was impressed.

Now back to fashion.

So here are my hits and misses.

First up, my number one favourite was...

Lady Gaga
Shown in the image above arriving with her father, she looked quite normal in her black dress but I love this simple yet fussy goth-esque dress on her. It had a bow on the side, seemed to be a pleather material, which is a little bin bag like, has a polka dot train made of a different material and had a dip in the back. With simple makeup and her septum piercing, what's not to love?! The dress has so much going on yet with her hair and makeup, it works. She looks a little like Cher to me, pairing it with the long jet black wig. Its trashy but a little classy too. 10/10

(That lady in the back seems to be laughing at her, how rude)

Love these sunglasses! Blatant wig alert!

Before I move on to the next celeb, Gaga had a complete style makeover for her performance with multiple wigs and outfits.

This is why I love Gaga. She always gives you the unexpected.

And I cannot mention her without showing my favourite picture of the night

Look at Zayns face! Haha
Nice ass Lady Gaga. Loving that wig too.

Next up
Selena Gomez

This Atelier Versace dress which has a peekaboo top section is classy yet young and sexy. The hooks and the detailed corset are a amazing fetish fix for this dress. Although I wish she would have been taller or that maybe Lady Gaga or Joan Smalls would have worn this, I do like it on her. As always her hair and makeup are simple yet fabulous but her shoes and nails are killer. I also like her odd matching green earrings. I wish she would have put her hair up in a messy updo to make the whole look a little less serious, as this is a fun show and not the Oscars but she still pulled it out the bag. Go Selena! 6/10

The detail in the corset is stunning.

A surprise next

Ellie Goulding
Although spikes, in my opinion, are pretty much dead as a trend, Ellie is working it! Obviously you cannot sit down in that but its edgy with the polar neck neckline and with her hair, it looks effortless but sexy. I wish she would've added a aubergine, deep wine or eggplant lipstick to make it pop more but she's looking good nonetheless. 7/10

So thats all the major ones that I think are worth talking about. Now a couple more hits and a whole load of misses.

Hit and love the bag

Hello, Harry

Preferred her afterparty look to her awards show look

Felt the same about Riri. Cannot believe she wore jeans to the VMAs, come on Ri.

She didn't even go to the show but her after-party look was hella sexy especially with her shorter hair


They both look so much better

Simple and sexy

Gorgeous dress. But doesn't fit properly. Too severe hair

Nice shoes and makeup but awful outfit


Just no

You are not JLO and this is not a new look



Nice dress, hair makes her look REALLY old.

Its just so boring

Love the hair, makeup was a little cakey and dress wasn't 100%

And thats it folks.

Toodles xx

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