Lush Birmingham Christmas Showcase

On Friday 4th, I was invited along to Lush Birmingham's Christmas Showcase Party (that's a mouthful).

There was food, gorgeous new products with an Lush retro edge and some very nice people to tell us all about them.

The food was supplied by The Warehouse Cafe, which is situated in The Custard Factory and it was some of the best Vegan/Vegatarian food I have ever had. There was three types of hummus, served with homemade tortilla chips (that someone pointed out, looked like nachos) and bruschetta.

There was also mini apple crumbles, which was served on a plate with figs and strawberries, just delicious. To drink they had hot (non - alcoholic) apple cider, which was tangy and would be perfect for the winter months ahead. I will definitely be heading to this cafe, again.

Also one of the girls in the store, had made some very professional looking cupcakes, which had the taste and flavours of a few of the Lush products, very innovative.

Let the Good Times Roll and Buche de Noel were some of the first products we were shown and they just felt so luxurious, which is basically the whole ethos of what Lush is. Buche de Noel is a face cleanser for the winter, to hold your dry dehydrated skin look alive again. Let the Good Times roll smelt like buttery caramel popcorn and well that is because they put popcorn in it. You only need a tiny bit of this and with a little water, the consistency completely changes and you are left with the softest skin, its definetly going on my wish list. Then there was Rudolph and the Santa Baby lip tint and Santa's Lip Scrub. Rudolph is for getting rid of that pesky red nose you get at Christmas and general redness, very calming and something to put on and just relax with. The lip tint and lip scrub were both in a beautiful red shade and have staying power and make a beautiful combination or good gift.

That's the beauty products done, now it was the turn of the bath/shower items.

This lovely lady showed us my favourite product of the night, Ponche. Its bright orange and looked like happiness in a bottle. She said it reminded her of the her mother home made punch (minus the vodka). It surprised me, just how quickly this foamed up and the smell was just so inviting.

Then we tried out some of the bath bombs and as you can see some had glitter inside and the colours they made was pretty fun to watch. It made you wish for a glass bath.

Overall, it was a really good night and the staff were really friendly, considering some had been working from 11.30 in the morning and this event finished at 8.30pm. I have missed a couple of the products, but if you wanna take a look at this link, you will find all the details. I now have the softest hands imaginable and thats all courtesy of Lush, thanks guys.

Thanks to Lush and the Warehouse Cafe.

Until next time xx


  1. Sorry Natasha you missed out on the goody bag. The staff realised you had missed out, they tried to catch up with you but you had long gone. As you say maybe next time.

  2. Awww thanks John. They staff were so lovely that its not a big issue. :D


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