My Hits of 2013

Why not celebrate the New Year with the best music of the year

Don't mind if I do.

Happy - Pharrell Williams

Christmas is over, the sales have begun and now its time to have some NYE fun

Hi folks,

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas, full of food and Christmas cheer. I sure did. This Christmas is probably the best yet. Thrown at my house, with some of my family members not present, we missed them but were somewhat thankful for the extra space within the house.

Christmas Eve Eve Dinner

It has now become an annual thing that every time that me and my friends from college get together, we go to Bodega Bar and Cantina. And this time was no exception.

We descended upon Bodega on Christmas Eve Eve and it did not disappoint.

Below are some images of my lovely friends (some with their eyes closed) and of the food.

Music to Get You into the Festive Mood

I am not in the festive mood and as my picture suggests, there is 3 days to go!!!

4 Days Until Christmas!!!!

Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Things I Have Seen on My Travels

So while going into Birmingham Bullring Shopping Centre and into Solihull Touchwood, I came across some interesting sights I wanted to share with you guys.

This was located on the lower level of the Bullring in Birmingham, just outside Selfridges Food Hall. It even included a photo booth inside.

The Balcony - Selfridges Level 4

J Cole O2 Academy 09/12/13

On Monday, I got to see J Cole and I was actually surprised at how good he was. However you could see that the toll of touring was getting to him because he seemed visibly exhausted but he didn't let it stop him from performing.

Samsara Skin Christmas Blogger Event

So on Saturday last week, I was invited to the one and only skin haven based at the Custard Factory and boy, was I excited.

But first a little background of the shop.

The store is owned by Jess and Andy, who are skin specialists with their own blogs and they were so honest about products that I could not help to like them. Its normal for shop owners to normally give you a speech about what you should buy and that is something that irritates me but that definitely is not the case at Samsara Skin.

Staybridge Suites Birmingham Launch

So a new hotel opened up in Birmingham, your probably thinking 'Another one?!', but hold that thought because this is not your average hotel.
 Located within Martineau Place in Birmingham City Centre is this Apartment-hotel, with rooms that are made for long stays. 'More home then hotel' is the tagline for the hotel and you can't help but agree with this when you see the layout of the rooms. 

World Duty Free event at NEC Birmingham

I was really lucky to get some presale tickets to the World Duty Free event at the NEC, so off I went, card at the ready.

It was a really chilled affair and was well organised.

There was make-up, perfume, toys, alcohol, jewellery and bags, all are discounted or 'duty-free' prices.

And below are my purchases.

Puro Hair Event 3/12/13

I was very excited to be invited to the Puro Hair event, as I have never been to the salon before and was intrigued to see it.


I feel so lame posting this but I feel it is necessary.

Due to tiredness from my full time job and attending events, means I have lagged behind on posts.


I'm back now, baby!


Entrapture Totem Stylers

 I was fortunate enough to get my hands on these Enrapture Totem Stylers for a bargain 17.99 from Home Bargains. I know some people have paid around 70 pounds for them so I was very excited to try them.

Ram - Leela

So on Saturday, I somewhat reluctantly went to go watch Ram- Leela and I have to say, I really enjoyed it.

Right at the beginning it showed that it was inspired by William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and from that point onwards I was ready to have my english degree face on.

This kind of got sidelined by the main actresses, Deepika Padukone who played Leela, hair, makeup and general sexiness, as shown in some of the pics below.

Instaglam - Lisa Shepherd Salon Birmingham

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Instaglam event at the Lisa Shepherd salon in Birmingham
Me getting my hair done by an invisible stylist


So these past couple of weeks have been a little eventful.

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been ill and that has just made my productive values decrease a tad but I'm back and you can't get rid of me now (cue a psychotic and mad villain laugh).

First up I was invited to a event at the Holiday Inn Express Birmingham Snow Hill called How to Party at Christmas. This is something I don't really need help in but I thought it would be interesting to go along.

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