Christmas is over, the sales have begun and now its time to have some NYE fun

Hi folks,

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas, full of food and Christmas cheer. I sure did. This Christmas is probably the best yet. Thrown at my house, with some of my family members not present, we missed them but were somewhat thankful for the extra space within the house.

I decided to curl all my hair for Christmas with my Enrapture Totem Styler and my hair was still curly four days later. Genius appliance.

I chose to wear my H&M ying yang dress with a Next sheer long sleeved t-shirt with H&M velvet leggings and polka dot socks, also H&M.

And with this sparkly addition of a hairband from Zara, which I got full price a month or so ago but spotted in the sales, don't you hate when that happens!

Onto the good stuff - FOOD. I didn't get a chance to take a pic of the desserts but this just shows some of the food and the cheeseboard we had. It was amazing.

Then the next day, me and my mum (The Sales Dream Team) went into Birmingham City Centre for the Boxing Day Sales. The pic above shows the people and the queue forming outside of Zara.

We stopped off at Itihaas within Selfridges for a light lunch.

I chose a Chicken Masala Dosa and my mum chose the Original Masala Dosa. It was delicious. I love South Indian food, especially Masala Dosas and this one was full too. Around 7 pounds and it comes with Sambhar (runny daal) and coconut sauce. Good stop off point because there was no waiting time too. That's what you need after nearly 5 hours of sales shopping. I know, we are crazy.

I didn't get much but I believe in quality and ordered some pyjamas online. The boots are from Clarks and were half price at 70 pounds, the shorts were 20 pounds from River Island and jewellery from M&S that came up to 16 pounds altogether. I love a bargain.

Did you brave the Boxing Day hullabaloo?


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