Instaglam - Lisa Shepherd Salon Birmingham

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Instaglam event at the Lisa Shepherd salon in Birmingham
Me getting my hair done by an invisible stylist
As I walked in, it was like a haven of girl's pampering dream. Nails being done one side, hair being styled on another side, food on the other and massages in the middle.

My lovely patient stylist curling my mane
I was lucky enough that one of the stylists was patient enough to curl my hair and she did an amazing job, it looked amazing, as you can see and it lasted for about 3 days.

Looks fabulous
I was ill, I apologise for my face
People minging
I loved my nails, which were done by a lady from Mint Hair & Beauty salon.
OPI - Over The Taupe

GHD Goodie bag

And as if that wasn't enough, I was treated to a fabulous goodie bag, full of Redken and GHD goodies.

Overall this is probably the best event I have been to so far, the staff at the salon were so friendly. I got to meet the lovely lady who invited me to the event, Olivia and the creative director was such a flamboyant character, who I bonded with over our shared love of skull rings. I also got to meet fellow blogger Emily Jayne, who was also really friendly. I'm not a social butterfly at the very least but everyone was so friendly and chatty that it made it easy and enjoyable. 

I can't wait for more events, especially if they are like this.


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