My Hits of 2013

Why not celebrate the New Year with the best music of the year

Don't mind if I do.

Happy - Pharrell Williams
I love this man. I like how his babyface never alters or seems to age, eventhough he is now 40. I like his style. I like his goofy ways in this video. I like how this track makes me feel happy. I like the celebrity appearances in this video. And I love that his wife is in this video. Yes, its a big love affair. 

Drake ft Jay Z - Pound Cake

Stand out track for me on his album and a club banger

Little Mix - Move

Killer bodies, hot sultry vocals, some nice moves and 90s influence = the makings of a good girl group

Justin Bieber - All That Matters

I cannot take this boy seriously, especially when he is trying to be all sexy and it just makes me chuckle. But the song is pretty decent. Just don't look at his face.

Miguel - Adorn

Off one of my albums of the year, is this track. I love it. His voice is like butter melting on your skin and I just don't want it to end. You lucky lady, Nazanin.

Justin Timberlake - TKO

This sexy man is just my ultimate solo male artist. I cannot wait to see him for the 3rd time and this track is one of the reasons why.

J Cole ft Miguel - Power Trip

It just works so well, I love it. Need I say more?!

Paramore - Grow Up

A coming of age track that made me love Paramore all over again

Big Sean - Sierra Leone

Not a well known track but the one I really liked from his album.

Beyonce - Drunk on Love

She surprised the world with a whole visual album and proclaimed that again she is THE diva. I love how sexy she is in the video and who needs a male model when you can have your husband in your video.

Lorde - Royals

She really needs to step up her live performances but this song is pretty frickin' awesome.

The Weeknd - What You Need

He was my favourite new artist this year, that I was able to see live and he definitely lives up to the hype, plus this track is everything you need from a track, a good beat and lyrics that fit it perfectly, awesome. I know this song was technically released in 2010 but I didn't hear it until 2013 so lets not get all technical.

Kendrick Lamar - Drank

When I went to go see A$AP Rocky last year, this is all they played and it was funny when the whole crowd sang along to it all, even to when Kendrick is doing his inner monologue. Now thats a teenage crowd but this song is a sure fire way to get you out your seat.

Enjoy folks and if there is any more you would have wanted me to add then let me know


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