Puro Hair Event 3/12/13

I was very excited to be invited to the Puro Hair event, as I have never been to the salon before and was intrigued to see it.

The salon is fully organic and they use products that do not have any harsh chemicals or at least the lowest concentration of those chemicals.

The turnout wasn't great due to the weather and illness but it was so nice being able to have a one on one with the owners.

The ladies talked us through the concept of Kevin Murphy products, did some hair demonstrations, gave a little tour of the salon and answered any questions we had. It was a very informal intitmate evening that was really enjoyable and the ladies were a pleasure to meet.

I really like the concept of the salon and hopefully will be visiting the salon again to try a treatment.

The owner of the salon, Sarah, is the lady in the gorgeous &Other Stories black dress and she runs the salon with her sister (on the far left)

The lovely ladies also treated us with some goodies and there was a range of Kevin Murphy products inside. Which is a great thing because I love hair products and trying new ones. They leave a very fresh feeling and I know it is weird to say but they have a organic feel to them.

Have you been to the salon? Have you tried any of the Kevin Murphy products?

Let me know what you thought of them or if you wanna check them out, click here


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