So these past couple of weeks have been a little eventful.

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been ill and that has just made my productive values decrease a tad but I'm back and you can't get rid of me now (cue a psychotic and mad villain laugh).

First up I was invited to a event at the Holiday Inn Express Birmingham Snow Hill called How to Party at Christmas. This is something I don't really need help in but I thought it would be interesting to go along.

I wore this new headband I got from Zara with a fluffy black jumper and contrasting tights from H&M and my red Dr Martens (Not worn in the pic). Please ignore the background, its the best mirror for outfit pics in my house.

As I walked in, the lady in the pic was singing a little song accompanied with a man singing a guitar. Which was quite welcoming and kinda nice.

There were stalls on one side of the room, a seating area in the middle and food on the one side. 

It was quite interesting to see and I spent most of my time at the Puro Hair stall, since I have been wanting to check them out for a while.

Once I had finished at the event, I decided to venture into Bullring and into the only shop that was open at the time, Selfridges.

As you can see, the beauty department is vastly different and is looking good. It looks like I snuck in because its so empty, but I swear I didn't.

On Saturday 23rd, I ventured to the Custard Factory for the Vintage Fair.

Wearing my new favourite beanie, the same jumper from before and a necklace from Zara. (It seems Zara has become accessory central for me)

The best thing about the fair was this pop-up tea shop.

Above is a slice of carrot cake, which was huge but so delicious.
It was worth going just for the cake. Prices were good and the cake was homemade and moorish,
The fair wasn't bad but it seemed a tad overpriced but some of the stuff was really nice so I guess it could be a worse situation.

Whilst in Birmingham City Centre the other day, I went to Moocha for some bubble tea and its just so delicious. My cousin and a friend have been raving about the place and now I understand why. Its £3, you choose what you want, in a Subway kind of style and its a snack and a drink. 2 in 1! Plus you also get a loyalty card and they also serve frozen yoghurt. Its a winner.

On the way to the Lisa Shepherd event on the 27th, I saw a projection on St Philip's Cathedral in Pigeon Park and it looked beautiful in the dark. The picture is a little unclear but that is a bird flying. It kind of reminds me of Bristol and I'm glad that Birmingham is becoming a little more artsy.

I also went to the Good Food Show on the 1st but took no pics, as I was too busy tasting and looking around. All in all, it was alot of fun and a nice day out. It seemed overrun by cake stalls and I hope next year, more savoury stalls pop up.

Mentioning food, I have been to a few places in Birmingham lately.

First up, it was Home Is Where...
Located on Church St, near Birmingham Snow Hill and Pigeon Park.

The perfect place to get away from the city centre rush, with gorgeous food, drinks, prices and atmosphere.

Then it was Blue Mango, next door to Jimmy Spices on Broad St.

Delicious indian food.

High quality and a great selection.

And thats it.

If you wanna see more in depth food reviews from me, then please just check out My Weekend Notes page

I can't believe it is now December and it seems it is going to be a busy one.

Three words for that - BRING IT ON.


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