Samsara Skin Christmas Blogger Event

So on Saturday last week, I was invited to the one and only skin haven based at the Custard Factory and boy, was I excited.

But first a little background of the shop.

The store is owned by Jess and Andy, who are skin specialists with their own blogs and they were so honest about products that I could not help to like them. Its normal for shop owners to normally give you a speech about what you should buy and that is something that irritates me but that definitely is not the case at Samsara Skin.
 First up, Elijah Choo from Bodhi was present to guide us through making our own scented essential oil. Yeah, you heard right, our OWN scent.
There was a selection on the table, with a chart outlining which were base notes, top notes and heart notes.

Neroli, Chamomile, Opopanax, Peppermint and Lime
With Elijah's guidance, I made my selection for my fragrance. All you need is a drop from one and 2 from another and VOILA, you got your scent.

Elijah then made it into a competition, with the winner gaining a Bodhi gift.
I came second!!! That was not expected because I felt like i was in a science class and I was never good at it.

You could tell some time, effort and thought had gone into decorating the venue.

This table was full of herbs, spices and various other things to infuse your own tea and there was another table with food from The Warehouse Cafe

Jess had commissioned for the sofa to get reconstructed and doesn't it look pretty cool?!

 Jess and Andy then gave us some skin tips and how to make a mask out of the things you already have at home. I have to say this was really insightful and I learnt things that will stay with me forever.

I met some lovely bloggers at the event and finally got to have a look around the store, which i have been meaning to do for a while.

Overall it was a really good insightful day and I was very happy to have had the opportunity to attend but then we got a goody bag too.

Even getting a voucher for a complimentary facial, it just kept getting better and better.

Thank you Jess and Andy

Cannot wait to redeem my voucher in the new year


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