Staybridge Suites Birmingham Launch

So a new hotel opened up in Birmingham, your probably thinking 'Another one?!', but hold that thought because this is not your average hotel.
 Located within Martineau Place in Birmingham City Centre is this Apartment-hotel, with rooms that are made for long stays. 'More home then hotel' is the tagline for the hotel and you can't help but agree with this when you see the layout of the rooms. 

I was able to get a tour of the hotel and it is definitely a sight to see.

The best thing about the rooms is that all the rooms have a kitchen, which is awesome in my opinion. Normally you're lucky to get a kettle. But for those times when you want to make your own breakfast or snack, this allows you to do that.

This was a clever attribute of the room. In the studio rooms, there is carpet and floorboards to give a partition and to create a more homely feel.

Every room was very pretty, had nice lighting, neutral colours, a closet and a lot of storage. 

The 4 bedroom flat had baths and the others had showers. The master bedroom in the 4 bedroom flat also had an ensuite. I just want to live here.

Unfortunately my phone was unable to take pictures of the beautiful reading room, living room and of fabulous chef Aldo Zilli.

The living room is also designed to be a communal area for all guests to socialise and for those on long stays to meet. Such a simple but yet logical idea.

I hope to be going back soon to see more of the hotel and maybe enjoy a stay here.
Some nice goodies from the lovely people at Staybridge
Thank you to the lovely lady, Sue, that showed me around, you were a star.

Martineau Place has become a little run down lately, ever since the Starbucks shut down there, it has become a little shabby but hopefully with this classy addiction, it will get better, liven up the place and hopefully get more trade for the vendors there.

If you wanna check them out, just click this link

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