The Balcony - Selfridges Level 4

I was one of the lucky ones that was invited along to the blogger taster event at the new restaurant, The Balcony, on the fourth floor of Selfridges.

The view, as you can see from the pictures is beautiful from the literal balcony.
The way the food was served was very clever. The mini versions were given to guests and the dish, how it would be served at the restaurant was also shown.

As we all arrived there were drinks on offer, as well as a cheese platter (seen above), olives, bread slices and a meat platter (all seen in the image below). You could tell it was high quality food and reminded me of the food served in a deli.

There was also a seafood platter (seen above), with crab, mackerel and smoked salmon on offer. I'm not a fan of smoked salmon, never have been, but the crab was delicious, moist and fresh tasting.

As I wasn't having the meat options, I was kindly given the veggie ones. Which was this green veg soup. The soup may look a bit weird but it tasted so good. I would love that as a main too.

Everyone else enjoyed a clam chowder, which also comes with crackers.

Veggie option of the Club Sandwich Martini

A very strange but satisfying concept. With a quail egg, pesto, gherkin and tomato jelly. I wasn't very keen on the jelly but the concept and taste of the whole martini was intriguing and tasty.

The Club Sandwich Martini - Actual starter size

Mini beef burgers, baby squid & chorizo burger and falafel
The falafel burger was so cute but so tasty. The falafel was the whole ball, it was warm and moist too. I love falafels.

Everyone was then served duck for a main

I got a beetroot salad. Which was really tasty but i'm not really a salad kind of person.

This was my favourite - monkfish and lemongrass with quinoa.
Fresh, tasty, unique and just so satisfying.

For dessert we had a choice of Snickerbockerglory and Eton Mess.

Both were very tasty but I preferred the Snickerbockerglory. It was a deconstructed snickers, what was not to love?!

We were also shown how the afternoon tea is served, on the ultra cute mini park bench. It looked tasty and it made me wonder where you would get such a bench and whether I could get it into my bag but my bag was too small. (That was a attempt at sarcasm)

That is all the food but the drinks were also tasty. Above is a fruity gin concoction and below is a Passionfruit Must
So tasty and refreshing. Made me say GIVE ME MORE!

The Gary Rhodes protege and Michelin-starred chef, Paul Welburn, is also the head chef at the Century Bar & Brasserie at the Birmingham Rep. I can see why he has those stars.

Check out the menu and location here

The food and company made the event really enjoyable, it's nice to meet more bloggers at these events, especially friendly ones, some I already knew and some new faces.

Can't wait for more events like these, hopefully there will be more.

Until next time 


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