Malmaison, Mailbox, Birmingham, West Midlands B1 2JR, UK

Birmingham Malmaison Blogger Brunch

On Sunday (26th January), I was invited along to a Blogger Brunch at the Malmaison in the Mailbox and wow, what a feast of food and good company.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Morris (Thanks Chick)

There were alot of familiar faces, which you would expect in Birmingham, but it was nice to meet a few new blogger faces too; especially over a delicious yet exhausting brunch.

As we arrived we were greeted by Bloody Mary's, even virgin ones, but I have to say I am really not a fan. So stuck to the tried and tested juice of the gods, orange juice. But the Bloody Mary's were beautifully presented but seem to be an acquired taste. We then ordered our mains from the Brunch menu, and were lead to the Chef's table to sample the goods.

As you can see from my pics and the pro pic, the table was FULL of food. There was ingredients and toppings for omelette's and pancakes, as well as a mozzarella and tomato salad, grilled courgettes and peppers, a bread basket, couscous, Caesar salad, potatoes, a various selection of pate, cheese, meats and smoked salmon. Also there was a joint of meat for carving.

 That was some list but that was just a starter.

This is a pic of my picks from the chef's table. I can't eat dairy (lactose intolerant) and don't eat meat that isn't halal and wasn't in the mood for salmon. So didn't have much left to choose from but I could've gone back for more and what I could have was delicious.

I chose poached eggs with spinach on a English muffin with hollandaise sauce drizzled on top.

It was sooooooooooooooooooo good. I think next time I would get it without the sauce or ask for it on the side because I can't say I took to it but that didn't spoil how good it actually was.
Whilst we were there, we were introduced to Nanaimo Bars, I tried the bar and its moreish, has coconut inside and it delicious but I just wanted the top layer. I don't give in to dairy very much but a tad when it comes to chocolate.
So you think that was enough food?! Think again! This Sticky Toffee Pudding was the best thing at the Brunch. It came with passion fruit sorbet (I asked for sorbet, as I cannot have dairy ice cream) and the sauce and pecans on the top were just so good all together was perfect.

As you can see, the brunch was amazing for the food and company. 

It would normally be 19.95 per person, which does not include drinks but considering the amount of food, it is a bargain. I will definitely be visiting again but just one thing, add more veg!!

Thank you to Malmaison and to East Village Agency for the lovely welcome and event.


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