Happy New Year!!!

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year.

Its that time of year that you reminiscence about the good times so that is what I am gonna do, briefly.

I got to see A$AP Rocky, J Cole, The Weeknd, Iggy Azalea, Lorde, Nina Nesbitt and the best of the year, Paramore. I made a promise to myself that from now on, I would only go to see artists that i had brought the albums of. I did this after seeing A$AP because as much as I enjoyed his performance, I didn't love it. I loved them all and cannot wait to see Katy B and especially the love of my life, Justin Timberlake. I have seen JT twice and he never fails to excite me and fall in love all over again. Ok, I will stop gushing now.

This blog of mine has been getting me attention and I have been able to go to some amazing events, which is a blessing and wouldn't be possible otherwise. I hope this continues and I promise to keep the content coming.

I finally saw a Bollywood movie that I enjoyed, Ram Leela, you have no idea how much this means. I normally hate them but this one was a Indian Romeo & Juliet done right. Worth a view in my opinion.

I got glasses this year too, just for reading.

I also went to the IMATS this year in London, which were awesome.

Its hard to think back a year, racking my brain here...

I pray that this year everything continues to keep going up.

Hope this year is eventful and amazing for you all too.


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