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My Food Place of the Week: Boston Tea Party

I was taken here by a friend of mine that simply told me "you have to try this place", so off I went to Boston Tea Party.


Located on the outskirts of the Birmingham City Centre, on the back of Aston University, just opposite the law courts. Easy to find but you have to know it's there. I say this because I have only just heard of the place and I was told by one of the employee's that it has been open for a year. How behind do I feel?! Not only that but after perusing their website, I found out that Boston Tea Party is a chain and that there are 5 of them in Bristol. I was at uni in Bristol for 3 years and did not go there. Disappointed in myself to say the very least. I should get a cake to feel better.

As soon as you get inside, you feel comfortable, cosy and like your at home. This is enhanced by the staff being friendly and not bugging or rushing you for the table, like many places do.

The menu has breakfast options that are available all day, cream tea, afternoon tea, kids options, vegan and veggie options, gluten free options, an array of hot and cold sweet options that are baked on site, toasties and sandwiches. As well as an array of loose leaf tea options and cold drinks to quesh anyone preferences thirst. Check out their site for a detailed list of the menu.

I liked this place so much that I went there again to see what else they had to offer.

This is my second time choice. The veggie breakfast with vegan butter on my toast. On my plate is toast, a field mushroom, beans, scrambled egg with tomatoes and potatoes with rosemary and smoked paprika. It would also come with cherry tomatoes but I asked for them to not be included. This plate cost me £7.15 and I think it was well worth it. My plate was licked clean, not literally but it looked like it.

It is a great place to spend the day. You can go there for breakfast, have a chat and catch up or read a book and maybe then grab some tea and cake. It is that relaxed, a reason I will definitely go back for.

(From right to left) Alice in Wonderland Ice Tea, Summer Fruit Smoothie and a Homemade Lemonade
 As well as the food being delicious, the drinks were equally just as good. This normally is not the case, as most places will concentrate on cocktails and food but not the soft drinks, so this was a welcome change.

After having breakfast, my friends and I, after yapping for a while, decided it was time for some tea and cake. My friend decided to go for cream tea (£4.50 with selected teas), which had this GIANT scone. It was like the Mount Everest of the scone world but she tells me it tasted amazing but couldn't finish it.

I had a delicious loose leaf peppermint tea with a oat and raisin cookie, which was so moorish and tasty, I wanted more! But I refrained, even though it was only £1.50.

The first time I went to the cafe, I had the Veggie Burger, which is homemade beetroot, carrot, courgette, toasted pine nut and halloumi, houmous and tzatziki. Served with chips and homemade slaw. I choose to have it as the vegan option, which was without the slaw and the tzatziki. The chips were amazing, I would say they are fries but that's me. They had been sprinkled with paprika, which made them delicious but does make you a tad thirsty. The burger was incredible, probably the best veggie burger I had ever had. The burger was soft and the filling was AMAZING.

Overall I really like this place, especially as they can adapt to my preferences and to my allergies with vegan options. With the location being in a quiet part of town and the prices being reasonable, this is slowly becoming my favourite place, especially for breakfast/brunch the day after a night out or for a girly catch up.

Food - 5/5

Food appropriate for Lactose Intolerance Suffers - 4/5

Service - 5/5

Location - 3/5
If you don't know about this place or you don't past it, then it is most likely you won't come across because it is at the outskirts of the City Centre and this is why I gave it a 3.

Cleanliness - 5/5

Value for Money - 5/5

Do you agree?

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