My Food Place of the Week: Baders

Living in Small Heath has its downfalls but one of the best things about it, is the food.
This time its all about Lebanese Restaurant, Baders.
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It's My Birthday and I Won't Cry Because I Don't Want Too!!!

This pic is 10 years old. AGHHHH!

My Food Place of the Week: The Victoria

This week, I was enticed by a special offer at The Victoria.
They had just received pizza ovens and were inviting their loyalty card holders for a 50% off promotion. Cheap pizza? Don't have to ask me twice!

Hair Envy

You know when you see a celeb or someone with fabulous hair, you just cannot help to stare or you cannot help but to grab a picture of them to take to the hairdressers.

Well, here are some of the lovely ladies that give me MAJOR hair envy.

Ella Eyre


My Food Place of the Week: Bodega Takeaway

If you live in Birmingham and haven't been to Bodega, then you are living under a rock, in my opinion.
It is the best Mexican in town and I was intrigued to try out their Take Away option.

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