My Food Place of the Week: The Victoria

This week, I was enticed by a special offer at The Victoria.
They had just received pizza ovens and were inviting their loyalty card holders for a 50% off promotion. Cheap pizza? Don't have to ask me twice!

This youthful pub is located at the back of Alexandra Theatre and is on John Bright St, the same as Cherry Red's and Puro Hair. It seems I live on this street, I go to the places there alot.

It's a really nice place. 
Prices aren't too bad either. 
I discovered this place when MOHO used to host their club nights in their room upstairs, which used to be the best night out in Birmingham but since that moved I only go to this venue now and again.

The pizza menu is really clever, especially the names, as you can see below.

Vicky’s Kitchen 


Served on a sourdough base, unless (v) served on honey & wholegrain base

Bette Davis Tomato sauce, fresh basil, cheddar, gruyere – £7.50 (v) 
Fats Domino Garlic butter, pulled pork, red cabbage, rocket, BBQ sauce - £10 
Diana Dors Parma ham, Caribbean spiced pineapple, buffalo mozzarella - £9 
Brigitte Bardot Spinach, mushroom, gruyere, egg, black olives - £8.50 (v) 
Marilyn Monroe Chicken, salami, ground beef, red onions, roasted chilli - £10 
Frank Sinatra Bolognese, red onions, roasted peppers, parmesan - £9 
Audrey Hepburn Garlic butter, goat’s cheese, onion marmalade, rocket - £8.50 (v) 
Sophia Loren 5 Spiced chicken, roasted peppers, red onions, BBQ sauce - £9 
Doris Day Roasted courgette, artichoke, tomatoes, olives, red onions, feta, 
pesto sauce - £8.50 (v) 

Make your pizza bespoke - Add any meat toppings for £1 each / veg toppings 50p each

I chose the Brigitte Bardot with Sweet Potato Fries and my friend chose the Fats Domino with the Triple Cooked Chips with Rosemary & Parmesan.

I have to say me and my friend loved our pizzas. It was super delicious and it rivalled the likes of Pizza Express and Ask Italian. And considering we paid half the price, it was a complete bargain.

Yes, there was cheese in the pizza so my lactose intolerance was triggered but it tasted so good, I can't say I cared.

Altogether it came to £21 pounds without drinks and we saved £10 because of the promotion. The pizzas were around 5 pounds each! I hope they do another promotion soon and even if they don't, I would definitely go again to go try the burgers, which I just found out are two for ten pounds on Mondays. Score!!

Food - 5/5

Food appropriate for Lactose Intolerance Suffers - 1/5
There is a burger on the menu but I haven't tried it, to be able to comment on it.

Service - 5/5
Really nice staff and although the menu had only just been changed, they were on top of it.

Cleanliness - 5/5

Location - 5/5

Value for Money - 5/5

*Thank you to my lovely friend Mitzi who accompanied me and took the pictures for me.*


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