Justin Timberlake

Hey guys, on Friday 11th April, I saw my favourite musician, Mr Justin Timberlake, live for the third time.
I thought I would share my pics and videos below, of my favourite tracks and moves. 
I really enjoyed it but think this will be JT's last tour because that man looked so tired. 
If he does tour again, I hope he does intimate gigs because I wanna hear some more album tracks and everything just toned down.

Pre-Warning - You can hear me singing and screaming in the videos, please excuse my terrible voice, Justin hysteria took me over.


A week or so ago, I was invited to stay at Malmaison in the Mailbox and I have to say it is the most luxurious hotel I have ever stayed at.

I Love Morocco

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Morocco with my Mother for my 25th birthday. 
Here is a selection of my pictures from my trip.

My Food Place Of The Week: Jamie's Italian Restaurant, Bar & Bakery - Gatwick Airport

Jamie's Italian can be hit and miss at times but the one at Gatwick is something special. 
That something special is the bakery, bar and breakfast.
The bakery, bar and main area separate the restaurant into 3 areas.

My Birthday Celebrations

Good food, good company and good times



My Food Place of the Week: Lost and Found

It's Monday, so it is time for My Food Place of the Week and today it is the turn of The Lost & Found.


Katy B

I have wanted to see Katy B live since Katy On a Mission came out and I got my wish on the 28th March at HMV Institute in Birmingham.

LP Champagne Nail Bar Event

Located in The Cube, is The Club and Spa and what a place it is.
It is a gym and a spa, all in one.

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