LP Champagne Nail Bar Event

Located in The Cube, is The Club and Spa and what a place it is.
It is a gym and a spa, all in one.

You expect alot from The Mailbox and The Cube, because of the likes of Marco Pierre White's restaurant and The Miller & Carter in resistance.

I was very happy to get an invite to this event because one, it involved getting my nails done and two, it gave me the chance to have a nosey around without looking like a total idiot.

As expected, the place is luxurious and beautiful. It made me wish that it was my gym, for the swimming pool, I cannot even swim, but even more so for these relaxation tee-pees that look like heaven. 

I was really surprised at how friendly and nice the staff were. Normally, in places like this the staff can be pretentious and snooty but this was not the case here.

I picked my colour of choice in the CND Vinylux range, which is a cross between shellac and normal polish and is supposed to last for at least a week (dependent on the nails conditions).

I really liked the colour I choose and it suited my Moroccan tan and ring.

The Club & Spa have alot to offer, treatment wise and it is the ultimate place for a treat.

I am now contemplating what to try next, where's the price list?!



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