My Food Place Of The Week: Jamie's Italian Restaurant, Bar & Bakery - Gatwick Airport

Jamie's Italian can be hit and miss at times but the one at Gatwick is something special. 
That something special is the bakery, bar and breakfast.
The bakery, bar and main area separate the restaurant into 3 areas.

The restaurant

My dining partner had an almond croissant and greek yoghurt with fruit and honey.

I had Eggs Benedict with mushrooms, hollandaise sauce and chilli breadcrumbs.
It was so delicious and perfect pre-flight.

It was washed down with cranberry juice and tea.

The food was good, well priced and perfect. There is honestly nothing more I can say. I loved it and wish there was a breakfast menu at my local Jamie's Italian.

Food - 5/5

Food appropriate for Lactose Intolerance Suffers - 3/5

Service - 5/5

Cleanliness - 5/5

Location - 5/5

Value for Money - 4/5


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