I am off on holiday, so there will be no posts for a week.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday folks


Purple Rain, Purple Rain...

Prince is one of those legendary artists that still has a level of mystique that intrigues me, a back catalogue that I am still discovering and a dress sense that I envy, so of course when his tour was announced, I was eagerly staring at my computer, waiting for the tickets to be released.
I got an email on the day that said no cameras or mobile phones, of which I didn't listen to, and to wear purple, this I did listen to, and I wore a skirt that has a purple pattern.

Anyone for Tea?

Last week, I was invited to Marco Pierre White for some Afternoon Tea.
You're probably wondering, how can someone with lactose intolerance go for Afternoon Tea, I quickly learned the answer to that.

My Food Place of the Week: Turtle Bay

On my favourite street of hidden gems, John Bright St, is the new addition of Turtle Bay.
Image taken from Birmingham Mail's website

Hey Mr DJ, Put a Record On...

So, It's been a while since I have done a music post so I thought I would do a post of the music I have been listening to lately.
Pic taken from

Salon of the Month: Benito Brow Bar

Back in the 90's, it was fashionable to have lines as eyebrows but with eyebrow icons, like Cara Delevingne, that has now changed.With the surge in demand for threading, this means the supply of eyebrow bars has also surged. So which one do you choose and how? Well it's all through trial and error but here's my take on Benito Brow Bar.

My Food Place of the Week: Home

As you can tell there was no posts last week, due to laziness, tiredness and nothing to report on-ness. 
But this week, all of that will change.

Thai Green Chicken Curry with Sticky Rice. Contains chicken, aubergine, pepper and peas.

I always talk about places I eat out at but the main place where I got my taste buds from and where creativity can flow is at home, especially with my very amazing cook of a mother. She is known in my family as a fabulous cook, so we take turns to make dinner/breakfast but the best meals are the ones where its a team effect.
We make some amazing dishes and in this post is pics of some of them.

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