Anyone for Tea?

Last week, I was invited to Marco Pierre White for some Afternoon Tea.
You're probably wondering, how can someone with lactose intolerance go for Afternoon Tea, I quickly learned the answer to that.

The views are spectacular, the place is beautiful and the food is of very high quality.
But they seem to not understand allergies or intolerances.

A good array of fellow bloggers had shown up to the event on Thursday afternoon, some I knew and some I knew of. As you can imagine, cameras were clicking and mobiles are tweeting.

I had let them know that I was lactose intolerant before the event and told them I planned to review it from that viewpoint. So I was a little surprised when my 3 tier tray turned up.

In comparison to the regular tray, there isn't a lot of choice and majority of it seemed to be biscuits.
A lot of them were chocolate, which I know majority of the time contain milk. Also the sandwiches contained grated cheese and it was the normal kind too. 
I got confirmation of the dairy content when my stomach started doing somersaults.

I chose to have peppermint tea and that I have to say was truly beautiful and that one person teapot contains three mugs, perfect for settling my stomach
Very Cheesy Sandwich

Overall, I did actually enjoy the event and it was lovely to see some of my fellow bloggers that I have met before. I just left Marco Pierre White feeling very disheartened and disappointed. I had visited the restaurant before for some dessert. It came with ice cream, which was not stated on the menu, when telling the waiter that I couldn't have it and why, he just commented that I scoop it off and give it to my friend. A valid suggestion but making it very clear that he didn't understand what lactose intolerance means and how a little trace can be a trigger. After this instance, I hadn't been back and thought that this Afternoon Tea event would restore my faith in the beautiful well-established restaurant but unfortunately it was not the case. I felt like a burden and I think I was the first with the intolerance that they had visit them. I hope they educate themselves about this soon because so many other places have and they maybe losing clientele. However, I would definitely recommend the place to anyone and prices start at £29.99, so you know it will be luxury.

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