Hey Mr DJ, Put a Record On...

So, It's been a while since I have done a music post so I thought I would do a post of the music I have been listening to lately.
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First up it's my new obsession, Jhene Aiko.
I discovered this lady a tad late but seems like it's just in time. She had featured on alot of track for various artists, such as Big Sean and Drake but her solo stuff is amazing and so much better.Her Sail Out Ep is on constantly on my iPod. At times, I feel like she is singing about me, plus it doesn't hurt that she's this petite exotic goddess. I couldn't pick just one track so chose The Worst and Bed Peace. She is said to drop her first solo album sometime this month so I cannot wait. I really wanna see this chick live and hope she comes to England to tour very soon.

Next up, is another favourite of mine at the moment, Quadron. They are a Danish duo, that are taking over my iPod with their two albums. They remind me of Amy Winehouse (Frank Album) with a hint of Sade, Lykke Li and pinch of Alunageorge. Again, I couldn't pick just one track of theirs and went for Favourite Star and LFT. Another that is now on my Must See list and definitely one to watch.

This man needs no intro, he was a symbol but is known as Prince. What a man, what a legend and one of my musical heroes. As I am writing this, I am excited that I am seeing Prince live tomorrow and am sharing this vid to get myself hyped up. By the time, this is published it will all be over, there will be a post to follow.

Whilst I was in Norway, my uncle introduced me to this Norwegian Rock Goddess, Silya. Welcome to the Jungle is one of my favourite Guns 'n' Roses tracks and this lady, in my opinion, killed it (in the good sense). Check it out people!

Ignoring all the press her and her family are getting right now, why did she do nothing in the elevator?!!!, this track is Beyonce proving that she is one sexy mama, you lucky man Jay-Z.

Guilty Pleasure Alert!!!
It may be Justin Bieber but I cannot stop listening to this. It is the ultimate hyped up track and perfect for a workout mix. Just look past the Justin Bieber name and trust me, you will be bopping/2 stepping along.

What are you listening to right now?


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