My Food Place of the Week: Home

As you can tell there was no posts last week, due to laziness, tiredness and nothing to report on-ness. 
But this week, all of that will change.

Thai Green Chicken Curry with Sticky Rice. Contains chicken, aubergine, pepper and peas.

I always talk about places I eat out at but the main place where I got my taste buds from and where creativity can flow is at home, especially with my very amazing cook of a mother. She is known in my family as a fabulous cook, so we take turns to make dinner/breakfast but the best meals are the ones where its a team effect.
We make some amazing dishes and in this post is pics of some of them.

Marinated chicken breast, grilled aubergine, sweet potato mash and mediterranean veg.

Egg, chips, mushroom, spinach, beans and a potato waffle (hidden under the beans)

Same as above but with battered fish and tomatoes.

Sandwich with mackerel, omelette, tomatoes, cottage cheese, cucumber, lettuce and beetroot mixed with mayo.

Spag Bol

Lamb chops with sweet potato chips, beans and med veg.

 We never have plain beans, I always make turka beans.
Veg pasta with chicken strips

Salmon on a bed of cucumber, broccali, fennel, mushrooms and sweet potato chips.

This makes me wonder why I ever eat out


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