Purple Rain, Purple Rain...

Prince is one of those legendary artists that still has a level of mystique that intrigues me, a back catalogue that I am still discovering and a dress sense that I envy, so of course when his tour was announced, I was eagerly staring at my computer, waiting for the tickets to be released.
I got an email on the day that said no cameras or mobile phones, of which I didn't listen to, and to wear purple, this I did listen to, and I wore a skirt that has a purple pattern.

Eagerly awaiting Prince.

He was supposed to grace the stage at 8pm but didn't come on until 8.40pm. The worse part was that the light went down, as if he was ready to perform, around 3 times. This teasing did not make me or the audience happy but we knew it was finally real when the visuals came on.

My favourite part of the concert has to be when he performed Purple Rain. It put me into a state of trance and I just did not want the song to end. It was truly amazing. The guitar solos seemed to go on forever and at one point, me and my friend get out of the crowd and take a breather. If you're a true Prince fan then you will love this tour. That is not saying I did not enjoy it but at parts I was a little bored, as I did not know every song. One thing that I never knew about Prince before the concert was just how many genres the man covers. Rock, pop, soul and funk are just a few of genres and you could definitely see this variety in the audience. That is something that I haven't seen from any other musician.

I have to say I would definitely go see him again.


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