My Food Place of the Week: Milan Sweet Centre

Milan is the ultimate place for a veggie!

A vast selection of food to eat within the restaurant and some of the best indian sweets in Birmingham

Most indian sweets contain milk, so I can't have most of them but I can have jalebi and that is more then enough (pic of the jalebi below, keep scrolling)

My jalebi. I finished it within a week. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. It's gooey and sweet but highly addictive. It is apparently made of wheat flour batter and then coated in sugar syrup, not to be consumed by a diabetic.

Within the restaurant, I had the Masala Dosa. This like a thin pancake filled with a spiced potato mixture, that is served with sambar, runny vegatable stew, and coconut chutney.

It was filling yet light and I had no worries if it contained dairy because I know it didn't.

Food - 5/5
We paid around £5 pp, so it's cheap and amazing

Food appropriate for Lactose Intolerance Suffers - 5/5
A lot of choice for me here, meal wise but not sweet wise
Service - 3/5
Cleanliness - 3/5
Location - 5/5
Located on Soho Rd in Handsworth, parking is always a hassle but it is definitely worth it.

Value for Money - 5/5

Try it out, you and your bank balance will not forget it!


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