Elemis Event at Debenhams

If you follow me on Instagram, then you would have seen this image below, of the Birmingham skyline alongside some Elemis products.

I snapped this image whilst in Debenhams for a Elemis Beauty Event.
I am by no means a Beauty Blogger but I like to take care of my skin and love to try new products. So when I was invited along to a Elemis Beauty Event at Debenhams by Retail Birmingham, I snapped up the chance.

There were two Elemis experts going through the ins and outs of the products, the order of which to do them in and how to use them. They supplied hair bands and bib-like cloths, which had us looking like nuns and chuckling, but they really helped to ensure our hair and clothes did not get spoiled. My skin at the end of the event felt so beautiful and soft, it was just lovely. We used a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, toner again and moisturiser and eye cream. So we tried the whole batch of Elemis products and I can see why people love this brand.

I particularly loved this Cleansing Balm, it makes my skin feel super soft, adds moisture, smells like oranges and I now have a awesome sample of it. #Winning. I will be comparing this to my normal cleanser soon, so look out for that.

(L-R) Chloe from Gastronomic Gorman, Charlotte from A Much Prettier Puzzle, Natalie from Bits of Beauty, Baking and Babbling, ME, Vanessa from The Other VW, Alev from Bella and Robot and last but not least, Kim from Retail Birmingham. Sunny from Wardrobe Mag and Emma from Fashion Mommy were also in attendance but had to dash off before we took this pic.
It was nice to see some familiar faces and meet some new faces too. I always have a good time when Sunny, Emma and especially Alev are around, they all put the sigma of bloggers being stuck up to shame. I have been following The Other VW blog for a while now so was extra excited to be meeting Vanessa and I have been getting a lot of love from Charlotte from A Much Prettier Puzzle so it was also very nice to meet her too. It is not very often, that Beauty/Lifestyle bloggers or any girl for that matter, is willing to take a picture without makeup but we all did it and we don't look half bad, if I say so myself.

Now onto the Goodie Bag...

There was three bags in that one reusable ShoppingInBirmingham.com bag and at the back, it said Shop Shop, which I find a tad funny.
Within the green bag was all these goodies, I really was not expecting all these products and they were all very good sample sizes too. I particularly liked the make up bag and am slowly trying all the products.

Within the Dior bag was even more goodies, these I have not touched yet and my mother has already expressed that the J'Adore taster is her's.

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