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On my trail to find the best hotel in Birmingham, I found the little gem that is Bloc Hotel. It is located in Jewellery Quarter and takes around 15 minutes to walk into Birmingham City Centre or 5 minutes from the local train station. So the location is perfect for a little getaway or for a shopping trip, but is it comfortable and worth staying at? Read on as I break it down.

The building itself is visually stunning and looks a little like a lego piece to me because it looks like it has just been plonked there (I am loving the word plonked at the moment, I bet you see it in my other posts).

The colour scheme of the hotel is reminiscent of many of the others that I have reviewed, which is a corporate colour, such as a brown or grey, that is mixed with some accent of colours, which in this case is light blue and pink. It is a tried and tested method that seems to work and looks good.

I was staying in room 217, that had a direct view of the street outside, thankfully it was on the second floor so no one could see in but there are blinds, for anyone who feels paranoid.

The room was a lot smaller then I had anticipated but it had all the amenities you need. TV, bed, desk and bathroom. I particularly liked the location of the TV, so convenient and luxurious, I wish I had that at home.

There were many pillows on the bed and bottles of water and towels to welcome me to the room.

The best and worst thing about the room was the bathroom. The best thing is that it is a wet room and has a waterfall shower head/monsoon. The worst thing was that it is so compact, meaning that the toilet is right in front of you as you shower and there is no sound proofing or lock, meaning if you are staying with anyone, going to the loo may be uncomfortable and slightly embarrassing. So I would definitely recommend this room for solo stayers only.

The facilities were nicely designed and did have a luxurious feel.

Everything has a sci-fi feel to it, including the alarms and wall fittings.

The signs to direct you to various parts of the hotel are on suede wall fittings, which I found to be a unique concept.

The reception is simplistic and minimalist but fits the hotels aesthetic.

Cleanliness - 5/5
Everything was clean and tidy and there is nothing to pick at

Comfort - 4/5
The room was a tad small and compact but comfortable and cosy

Location - 5/5
The location is in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter and is an easy commute to the centre of Birmingham. It also feels safe and easy to find when using Google Maps.

Staff - 4/5
The staff were nice 

Value for Money - 5/5
Prices start from around £50 for the Superior Double, which is what I stayed in.

As a special offer to my readers, they are offering a 10% discount. All you have to do is quote 15Blog when you book. The offer is valid until 15 September 2014. Make sure to let me know how your stay was.

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