Organic Care Systems - Review

Whilst at Puro Hair, I saw how luscious, soft and wavy my hair naturally became when they washed it, and of course I wanted that feeling all the time. So when I won a competition on the Organic Care Systems Facebook page, I was overjoyed, to say the very least.
I was able to get the Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment from the Aqua Boost range and Control Shine spray from the styling range.

The treatment is quite interesting, as it is intended to be used after you shampoo and left on for around 15 - 20 minutes. I find that is the best time to do your eyebrows. It left my hair luscious, soft and shiny.

I have been using the products for exactly a month now and I would now, never use anything else. It allows my hair to do its own thing, which is some gorgeous loose waves, that I just apply texturising gel to and walah, done deal. I have really thick hair but these products maintain and manage my big thick mane into a controllable wavy nice mess.

I particularly like the small of the products, it smells like pomegranate to me, it is a subtle scent that is sweet but not sickly.

All the products are vegan friendly and have no damaging or cancer inducing chemicals, bonus.

They are a tad pricey, at around £11 per bottle but they last a long time and are well worth it.

I would definitely be buying these again and am looking to add the leave-in conditioner to the collection. It says alot when I am willing to part with my moolah. On a recent hotel stay, I used a different shampoo and conditioner and my hair went wild and bushy, not a good look. So I love these products even more, as I know it does change the state of my hair.


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