My Food Place of the Week: Shawarma City

After a lot of rumours about Shawarma City, you know I had to go try it out. It is a prime location for people seeking a cheap but tasty lunch, this location being within Martineau Place.

The store is clean, has tables and it fulfils its purpose quite well. It reminds me of the Lebanese places located in Small Heath, so I was quite excited. There was an array of salad choices, as well as sauce choices to add to your order.

I ordered the Chicken Shawarma, no worrying about halal meat here. I had been told about the portions but was still surprised at the sheer size of my order. I mean, look at it!

For £3.50 it was a bargain but after eating half of this, it started to taste like cardboard and I started to feel sick. But I finished it like a trooper, because you know what they?! An empty plate equals a handsome husband and an messy plate equals a ugly husband - a common saying within my household, still waiting for that handsome man, haha.

Food - 2/5
Not impressed, would have preferred a small portion that was better quality. But I wanna go back to try the hummus, it is an addiction.

Food appropriate for Lactose Intolerance Suffers - 5/5
Just about everything is suitable, from what I saw.

Service - 5/5
Like I said, it was clean, also fast and friendly. All that you need really.

Cleanliness - 5/5

Location - 5/5
Located within Martineau Place, just opposite the Poundland.

Value for Money - 3/5
Prices are considerably good, considering it's central location

That is it, Folks.

Have you been anywhere good lately, that you would recommend? Get in touch!

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