Raw Food Event at The Warehouse Cafe

On the 18th August, I attended a 3 Course Raw Food Event at my favourite restaurant, The Warehouse Cafe. The tickets were £25 per person and the event included a drink. It was hosted by J's Organic (Jay Halford) and Raw Happy (Tracy Sadler).

The drink (shown in the above image) was raspberry lemonade, made with raspberries, lemon, apples and ashwaganda superfood. It had an earthy aftertaste that is a tad strange when you first try it, because it is so different but it was tasty and refreshing.

It was an informal event and there was around 30 people that attended. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and everyone was very friendly.

The first course was Beetroot Soup, which was made with beets, mushrooms, avocados, celery, apple, tamari, garlic, ginger and lemon juice. Served with cashew and cinnamon cream and hazelnut, shallot, garlic and tamari crackers.

I had this preconceived notion that raw food was going to be a little bit bland and boring, but I could not have been more wrong. It was full of flavour and you could barely tell it was raw. The addition of the cashew and cinnamon cream really made the dish exquisite, I would've licked the plate clean but there was people around. The crackers were a tad spicy but in the best way and were the ideal accompaniment to the soup. The texture reminded me a little bit of MDF (my old Changing Rooms addiction showing there) but thankfully the taste didn't resemble what that would taste like.

For the main course, there was chia con carne made with chia seeds, mushrooms, courgette noodles, tomato sauce and served with parsnip rice and crisps.

There definitely was also aubergine in this dish and that made it taste a little like the aubergine curry my mum makes but after a while, the taste of this dish was a tad boring. The parsnip rice became like sawdust and I really struggled to finish. I wish it had been a smaller portion and that it had some crunchy veg or side salad with it, to give it some texture variations.

The best part, was obviously the dessert. Having lactose intolerance means I rarely get to have desserts, unless I want to endeavour the horrendous pain obviously, so I loved when this was put in front of me. It was Millionaire Shortbread, made with buckwheat, dates and lucuma base then avocado and banana filling with chocolate and coconut topping, served with an avocado and cacao nibs mousse.

I loved it, as you can see from my empty plate. The mousse was delicious but quite a strong taste of the cacao nibs, which is not a bad thing. Each layer of the Millionaire Shortbread was well done, the base also had muesli in it, that made it stand out and gave it a slight crunch. The middle was smooth like honey but had a toffee like quality to it and then the top layer has a little bit of coconut oil on it that made it sweeter but that was a pleasant addition to the slight bitterness of the cacao nibs top layer.

This was then washed down with a lovely peppermint tea for myself and green tea with lemon for the Madre. If you know me, you know I love peppermint tea and believe it is the reason my stomach has settled now, it is my lifesaver and refer it to anyone that tells me they have stomach problems.

I believe the next event is on the 6th October and tickets can be found on eventbrite.

What do you think of raw food? Would you try it?

*I bought tickets for this event and the review is all my own words, with a little information from the organisers*

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